The Theologians of TikTok

If you are in the habit of wasting time on the Internet you have probably heard of the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” The tweets consist of captioned video clips from the social media site TikTok, the topics mostly having to do with LBGT+ issues. Libs of TikTok has been fodder for Internet outrage in […]

Bad Religion(s)

In 2013, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat wrote a book, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics. The book’s main thesis is that several streams in what is considered mainstream American Christianity are actually Christian heresies. He points to three “gospels” in particular: the prosperity gospel of the likes of Joel Osteen, […]

Football and Fox Hunts at Death’s Door

Damar Hamlin is the starting safety for the Buffalo Bills NFL football team. On January 2nd’s Monday Night Football game Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest while the sporting world watched. For over an hour stunned sports personalities and commentators struggled to find something to say on the air as Hamlin’s life hung in the balance. There […]

On Ancient Archeology and Astronauts

A previous post examined Ancient Apocalypse, the Netflix docuseries by Graham Hancock. There are things about the ancient world that still baffle the modern mind. How ancient people could move massive stones without the aid of heavy machinery to build the Great Pyramids, for example. Or, carve stone blocks with such precision that a sheet […]

Finally…Netflix weighs in on Origins

In November, Netflix released Ancient Apocalypse, a docuseries from Graham Hancock on his theory of an ancient global civilization that was wiped out by a deluge at the end of the last ice age. The show has generated a torrent of outrage and indignation on the internet from archeologists, scientists and the media. In one […]

Jesus and John Wayne in a Field of Straw Men

The creation of headlines and book titles in the modern age has become something of an art form. To be successful in the noisy media world the ability to attract attention to one’s work is crucial. Titles must be provocative and compelling at the same time. The provocative part is never a problem as the […]